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Nemo the Virtual Fish. Click a symbol to command things for the pet. Turn air filter on and off to clean the tank, lights on lights out, drop food, pop up oxygen from treasure chest. 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Shortfin Mako Shark Spiny Dogfish Tiger Shark Whale Shark Sea Creatures Common Atlantic Octopus Giant Pacific Octopus Lions Mane Moon Jellyfish Portuguese Man of War Sea Gooseberry Two spotted Octopus Backyard Birds American Crow American Goldfinch American Robin Baltimore Oriole Belted Kingfisher Black billed Magpie Black capped Chickadee Blue Jay Brown headed Cowbird Bullocks Oriole Cedar Waxwing Common Raven Common Yellowthroat Eastern Bluebird Eastern Meadowlark Eastern Phoebe European Starling Evening Grosbeak Golden crowned Kinglet Horned Lark House Finch House Sparrow House Wren Indigo Bunting Mountain Bluebird Northern Cardinal Northern Mockingbird Red breasted Nuthatch Red eyed Vireo Red winged Blackbird Scarlet Tanager Song Sparrow Spotted Towhee Stellers Jay Tree Swallow Tufted Titmouse Western Kingbird Western Scrub Jay Western Tanager Yellow Warbler Yellow rumped Warbler Ground Birds California Quail Common Nighthawk Greater Prairie Chicken Greater Roadrunner Mourning Dove 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Great Egret Green Heron Roseate Spoonbill Sandhill Crane Wood Stork Woodpeckers Downy Woodpecker Northern Flicker Pileated Woodpecker Yellow bellied Sapsucker Frogs and Toads American Bullfrog American Toad Barking Treefrog Bird voiced Treefrog California Treefrog Cane Toad Cliff Chirping Frog Colorado River Toad Columbia Spotted Frog Couchs Spadefoot Eastern Narrow mouthed Toad Eastern Spadefoot Foothill Yellow legged Frog Gray Treefrog Great Basin Spadefoot Great Plains Toad Green Frog Green Toad Green Treefrog Greenhouse Frog Mountain Yellow legged Frog Northern Cricket Frog Northern Leopard Frog Oak Toad Ornate Chorus Frog Pacific Treefrog Pine Woods Treefrog Plains Spadefoot Red legged Frog Red spotted Toad Southern Leopard Frog Southern Toad Spring Peeper Squirrel Treefrog Tailed Frog Texas Toad Western Spadefoot Western Toad Wood Frog Woodhouses Toad Salamanders Arboreal Salamander California Giant Salamander California Newt California Slender Salamander Dunns Salamander Dwarf Waterdog Eastern Newt Eastern Red backed Salamander Ensatina Four toed Salamander Greater Siren Green Salamander Grotto Salamander Hellbender Larch Mountain Salamander Lesser Siren Long tailed Salamander Long toed Salamander Marbled Salamander Mole Salamander Mount Lyell Salamander Mud Salamander Mudpuppy Northern Dusky Salamander Northern Slimy Salamander Pygmy Salamander Red Salamander Red bellied Newt Rough skinned Newt Seal Salamander Spotted Salamander Spring Salamander Tiger Salamander Two toed Amphiuma Yonahlossee Salamander.

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