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Google's Personalized Homepage (and its API) allows you to add all kinds of modules – from weather maps to a Yahoo search box to anything really. There was one problem though: there was no place to easily find or submit modules. Google has a directory of their own, but it doesn't update with new submissions often and it only shows few modules. That's why we hacked up Google Modules for you.

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Who's behind the site?

Philipp Lenssen and Alex Ksikes. Alex is from France, and Philipp is from Germany. We're both home on the web.

What's New

Learn how Google Modules was made by checking out the source code.

What people said about Google Modules

"After the announcement from Google, not much happened officially, but this is another good example of users acting faster than the corporate world."

"The honorable Philipp Lenssen (of Google Blogoscoped) and his associate Alex Ksikes have put together a gorgeous new listing of available modules – The design is sleek and the interface intuitive, a simple download directory of currently available modules. An excellent response to Google's inability to add new modules to the module directory in a timely fashion."

Privacy Policy, Copyright

We collect data from public XML Homepage Modules which you submit or which we crawl to republish it here.

Modules are copyrighted to their individual authors – we do not claim copyright of the screenshots or XML source files here.

Google Modules is not affiliated with Google™.

Verantwortlich für diesen Server/ responsible for the this server: Philipp Lenssen, Rudolfstr. 8, 70190 Stuttgart

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