Google Modules - Get Google Personalized Homepage Content


What is the Google Personalized Homepage?

Google allows you to add your own modules to the Google homepage. You need to sign up for a Google Account, then go to and start personalizing.

What are Google modules?

Google modules are widgets you can add to your personalized Google homepage. You can think of them as small information centers – they can show you the weather, perform different searches, or let you play small games.

How can I add a module?

First, you try to find the right module for you here on Google Modules. Then, you click on "Add module" and follow the instructions.

How can I develop a module?

Please refer to the official Google Homepage API help page. Basically, a module consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and can do anything you want it to do (the only restriction is that Google will display it inside an inline frame on their homepage). Additionally, the Google Homepage API provides a library to do things like fetching pages, or saving user settings for each module.

What does it mean to "inline" a module?

Some modules allow you to inline them, and some of these modules only work if inlined. Inlined modules have a higher level of control over your browser, so you should make sure you trust these modules. To inline a module, click "Add content" on your personalized homepage, and enter "developer.xml" into the "Create a section" box. You will then be presented with an offical Google module which allows you to switch other modules to the inline mode.

Where can I store modules?

You can store your modules on free sites like Geocities or, or your own server (if you have one). Also, we might be able to let you store & edit your modules here on Google Modules in the future, but do not have definite plans yet.

How many modules are there at Google Modules?

There are currently 24679 modules here.

Who are you?

We are two guys passionate about the web. For more infos, please refer to the About page.

Where can I submit feedback?

You can send us your comments on the feedback page.

Did you do all the graphics here?

Yes, except for the screenshots of modules. And also, except for the orange "Unofficial" icon, which we sort of copied from Six Apart... but we plan to redo it on our own!